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When you and I look at the Congress of these United States during the Obama Administration, I bet we both think that nobody is thinking. If Matt Cartwright is thinking he is not thinking about helping the people of Northeastern PA; but he sure does love Obama. Issue after issue from bailouts to the big pork bill to the huge energy tax; to unconstitutionally bringing in sick immigrant children with major diseases, trying to take our guns; to hoping to replace American workers with foreign nationals, a preoccupation with making the US health system into another Post Office, I have found the Congress, including the Congressman from Northeastern PA District 17, voting for things that you and I know are wrongheaded. 

All the while this "reshaping" of the US has been going on, through April 2016---seven years into the Obama Administration, Congress and the President pretend that the country is back to work and that these are normal times. They concentrate on their socialist agenda rather than helping Americans get back to work.  Only once, formally, did the President say that Jobs were the most important item on the agenda.  That was at his now famous first State of the Union Address. Has he forgotten? No, it was simply a mistake that he mentioned jobs or the economy in the first place because the PR hurts his politics.  

President Barack Hussein Obama delivered his State of the Union Address on January 12, 2016, to a joint session of Congress.  It was the President's seventh time for this campaign style speech of promises for more goodies. The President delivered the speech on the floor of the United States House of Representatives in the United States Capitol and it was aired on all major networks. Most Americans, in fear over the continued lack of jobs and a lousy economy, anticipated that the President might offer a solution to our woes and hopefully, it would be workable, and hopefully, he would not be kidding about it. No releif however, is forthcoming until he leaves office next year.  

Even in past addresses, he spoke about the hot topics on everybody's mind. For example, Obama has covered major proposals for Job creation and federal deficit reduction.  A fly on the wall would have thought that finally after seven years and most of that time on Obamacare, the country was going to move to a  solution that would mean Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! 

Looking at the President's speeches over the years, under the category of
Job creation we find three general points:

  • Building clean energy facilities
  • Giving rebates to Americans who make their homes more energy-efficient
  • Slash tax breaks for companies that send Jobs overseas

       (giving those breaks to   companies that create Jobs in the U.S.) 

The first two items were about energy and the third was about the President being annoyed that some American corporations were not repatriating their earnings in foreign countries.  In other words, the US was not getting the tax revenue. So, the only apparently meaningful thing in the president's speech on Jobs was actually on something else.

He rarely discusses jobs any more but has in the past spoken about "encouraging American innovation."  On the surface one could see how this could help the Jobs situation. The funny thing about the comment is that Americans have always been innovative. Look at the list of inventors and inventions of Americans from electricity to the iPad.  In the write-up of the State of the Union, as a clarifying point the part about encouraging American innovation had a subtle subtitle (focus on clean energy). 

Fake Right, Go Left 

Michael Moore, the well known cheap filmmaker and liberal thinker loves using the basketball analogy to describe his friend, Obama.  Moore says that many times President Obama "fakes right and goes left."  In other words, this artful speaker is often all words and no action or different action. Once he's convinced the folks that he is doing one thing, they relax and then right before their eyes he pulls the fake and goes left, he often gets away with it because nobody would expect him to be so obvious.  

During the State of the Union messages over the years, there is always another Obama head fake.  It turns out that there are few bullets of substance on Jobs!--not even much lip service.  Another head fake was when he offered these two bones to Congress. Note again these weree energy issues, not Jobs issues, and his record is anti-energy. CHeck out the Keystone Pipeline. 

If the President was interested in building nuclear power plants or exploring off-shore areas for oil and gas, we would already be building nuke plants and we already would be seeing the rigs off shore. He fakes right and goes left. Sorry folks, but on the Jobs thing, he is always just kidding. 

Instead of Cap and Trade which he pushed for years, he always asks for more investment in advanced biofuels, solar, and wind, and renewables . He is trying to kill coal instead of clean it up as he originally used to preach. American power of course is dependent on coal for sure but it is not clean coal at this point and Obama will have the industry shut down if he can keep that thought alive with Matt Cartwright and Hillary Clinton in 2017.

So nothing Obama ever says has anything meaningful or substantive in it about solving today's Jobs problem.  Biofuels are a real joke as it takes substantial energy to produce these fuels.  Americans must keep their eye on the ball. This guy gave another head fake. The fact is that his one-time focus on clean coal has nothing to do with getting more energy or getting more Jobs. The focus is on the carbon dioxide that is produced from burning coal due to its impact on global warming or as is more politically correct, "climate change"  There goes that head fake again. He was not talking about energy or Jobs. He was talking about global warming.  What can we believe?  Not much folks! We are victims of institutional lying from the highest levels of government on down.  

Call it a head fake if you like.  Say, he just faked right and then went left if you like, but in Pennsylvania we have a name for that. It is called a lie. People who do things like that are not called head fakers, they are called liars, plain and simple.  Yes, Obama was kidding about Jobs and from January through April that was the last of his Jobs messages. He had more important things on his mind.    

Hey Matt, What About Jobs? 
This is the crap that is killing our country and killing Jobs throughout the country and big time in Northeastern Pennsylvania. He might not like to admit it but our Congressman voted almost every time with Nancy Pelosi instead of for Northeastern Pennsylvania and the people of the United States.  Could the huge contributions to the fat Cartwright campaign war chest have anything to do with that. It is huge.  What promises did Nancy Pelosi give to Matt Cartwright to get him to switch from his staunch pro-life stance?  

Jobs and the lack thereof is a failure that is being paid for by all Americans especially those of us in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Now that the people have begun to keep score, It's time we got some passing grades from Congress.  Yet, in their arrogance they are still trying to jam stuff we do not want down our throats. Just like many of you, I say, Throw the Bums Out! And that means our own incumbent must also go.   Where are the Jobs Mr.Cartwright? Where is the discourse and debate about Jobs programs Mr. Cartwrighti? 

I thought about how I could help. I've got a ton of Jobs solutions and they are scattered through this book. One way you don't create Jobs is to implement a $3 trillion health bill. That is a real Jobs killer and American Corporations such as Caterpillar and Verizon and AT & T are already thinning their ranks specifically because of the Jobs killing legislation put forth by Nancy Pelosi and seconded by Matt Cartwright.  

I thought long and hard.  I chose to make myself available for service to our country. This is the right time of my life. I am schooled on the issues.  I am ready to bring the hijacked government of this United States back to the people. I hope that 434 other new people join me in Congress on January 20.

Why is it that today's Congress is not interested in creating more Jobs for workers? Why is it that today's Congress wants to give all of the earnings of the working man to the non-worker? There are two answers. Philosophically many Democrats have become socialists and more and more on the hard left espouse Marxism and Communism. They see this as their calling. Their goal is not to create more Jobs but to create more people looking for Jobs! That is their way to make more Americans dependent on the hand of the government and they are succeeding. When you are fortunate enough to be employed, their goals affect you differently. They want to redistribute your wages to the guy down the street who sleeps all day.  The second answer is that they buy votes with your money by giving it to somebody else.  This is not my Democrat party or yours.  

They also believe in healthcare redistribution and though nobody talks about it like this, the Congress does not want your employer to give you healthcare benefits.  They know that people who are employed have health insurance typically. Often the policies are good.  They want the people who do not work to have the same health insurance as you do.  They want the people who never put a dime into Medicare to have the same health benefits as retired Seniors. Matt Cartwright wants illegal aliens to have free healthcare. Ask him. 

The only way for Congress and Obama to do that is to redistribute your healthcare. Since your employer Is not going to pay for people who do not work for the company, and Medicare right now, will not pay for those who are not entitled to Medicare. the solution is to take half of the value of your plan and give it to somebody else. Then when you need medical help, there will be major limits or you will be denied simple procedures to pay for illegals and others who did not contribute.  

Additionally, they are taking 1/2 of Medicare (this is in the bill) and giving it to somebody else. This is called Healthcare Redistribution and it means that those who earned their health insurance will give it up for weakened insurance policies so that in the end, all policies are the same and there is equality. The policies may be the same but the insurance won;t cover what is needed. 

There may be no healthcare but there will be equality.  Is this why you sent your Congress person to represent you? Rationing, longer lines in the doctors office and reduced care are the natural effects. It was a bad bill and it is already hurting a lot of people who wake up and find themselves on the outside looking in. 

The next step is to actually call the program "healthcare rationing."  At more than a $trillion dollars in cost, the money is coming out of somebody's pocket. It is not Congressman Cartwright's pocket.  It is your pocket.  Moreover, $500 billion is coming from reduced Medicare benefits.  Who will that hurt? 

All of these socialist programs are going to bankrupt this country and destroy any chance of Jobs coming back. We can not sustain the debt.  If you spent like the government, you could not even get a credit card let alone a car loan.  The Chinese hold a substantial part of our debt. In other words, the Chinese own a big hunk of America -- stuff that you think you own.  

When the debt gets so high that the Chinese come collecting, get ready to speak Chinese as your primary language. Maybe they will give you a Job!  And, by the way, at that point, our immigration problem is solved.  I can assure you, with the Chinese in charge of America, replacing Obama's Czars with commissars, English and Spanish will both be second languages. 

I think that with sound conservatism and constitutionalism and a respect for our founding fathers that we can avoid this eventuality.  Using many of the principals that Ron Paul and Alan Keyes have been writing about these past years, we can save America and we can all have good Jobs. First we have to get rid of the perpetrators -- the long-term members of the House and the Senate of the USA.  

I could go on like this,  and I do. You can get a pretty complete story on my Web page. But for now, let’s ask what can be done. 

It actually is complicated but understandable.  First, we need to face the truth: We’re in bad shape. Then we need to unite--left and right, black and white, male and female, young and old--behind a simple truth: The United States of America was created to be a Republic, not a Monarchy, and not a socialist state.  It’s time to restore the Republic starting April 26 in Pennsylvania by putting in a brand new Congress in office with ties to nobody but the people.  I am asking for your vote to help get this done. Our first order of business in the new Congress will be Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!