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Bringing Good Jobs Back to America!

As noted in the Essay shown as part of the Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! book, titled. "Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone?,"  unemployment in the US for the past seven years has been at record levels.  The financial collapse created a lull in buyer confidence and of course that resulted in significantly less sales for all companies.  When sales stop, so does hiring. 

If buffoons or perhaps my favorite, 435 blocks of granite or sludge (your choice) had taken over Congress in 2009, they would have already done better than the 111th Congress. If there were a right way and a wrong way to get something done, Congress in all circumstances went the wrong way despite cautions over and over from worried constituents.  

When the people said, "no bailouts," Congress responded with TARP and the bailouts. When the people said "no" to the pork and the opportunities for Congress to buy votes for their 2010 through 2016 elections, at a cost over $800 Billion plus, Congress responded with the stimulus bill. While it was being debated, this bill was rightfully renamed by Republicans as the Porkulus bill. It is a national shame. It was supposed to be a jobs bill. If it created another job, that new job would be lonesome. When has anybody even mentioned jobs in the last five years. Democrats, now socialist progressive communists by desire want nobody aspiring to life-bettering jobs for they will be less receptive to socialist designs to make theme equal to their neighbors. 

When the people cried out for tax relief for individuals and for small businesses, Congress chose instead to continue taxing. They led with Cap and Trade in the House, more spending, more bailouts, and of course more porkulus. That was not enough.  Then despite vocal opposition from Americans everywhere, Congress rammed through the Obamacare package, and the Republicans decided to stand down rather than help beleaguered Americans.   

Obamacare has already cost seniors and will dearly cost Seniors even more and it will tax the country another $4 trillion over the next ten years when there just is nothing to give. The people have no more to give. It is a jobs killer.  Now the winds are brewing for a Value Added Tax rather than stop spending and become fiscally responsible.  All of this taxing and spending has drained the country of capital and the threat of new and more costly taxes looming everyday.  Business is exercising deep caution to avoid being caught by the next dumb Washington decision. It is a matter of survival and government is clearly the enemy. Because businesses are afraid to expand, they are not willing to hire people for the jobs of the future.  

You and I know that you cannot spend and spend hoping to be become rich by spending. It ain't going to happen - ever.  American businesses are very timid about their futures and their opportunities. Now, with increased expenses for healthcare, businesses are hurting more and pulling back even more.  With Obamacare taking more and more of the capital and minimal a dismal business outlook, many businesses are about to reduce their health insurance benefits but it is even worse than that.  In many cases, companies have had to make the decision to cut their workforces.  Incenting businesses to cut their work force surely does not create any jobs  

Obama and this Congress are clearly anti-business. Yet, after more than two years of openly punishing and demonizing business, they can't figure out why businesses are not hiring and creating jobs.  It is a cause and effect scenario folks. You and I know the answer. Government took all the money. It is still taking it, and it is spending even more than it takes.   

There will be no jobs recovery until the Halls of Congress are swept clean and 435 freshmen arrive to give this government back to the people.  For this changeover to be a success, of course, the people's job, that's you and me, is to make sure no incumbent sneaks back -- even if they may have a nice juicy porksicle getting ready with your name on it.  

Forget about new hires! American companies have still not yet bottomed out and there are no government programs other than those that will hurt jobs in the foreseeable future. Moreover, the full boom has not fallen as the Cap and Trade has yet to become the law of the land. Even with that business is concerned about the new dictatorial powers of Obama in that the EPA is about to nail business anyway by bureaucratic fiat.  Who does the EPA head work for?  Obama! Congress can stop this usurpation of Congressional power by the EPA by de-funding it, and I will vote for that for sure. Congress is playing dumb like they either don't know or don't care that this is actually happening.   

Wherever businesses look, there is an Obamareason why they cannot hire people.  Each reason is supported by the Congress.  So, how do we turn things around? How can we put America back to work?  How can we bring good jobs back to America.?  It's time to end the switch to socialism first of all. We cannot afford it.  Socialism is anti-business and anti-jobs so along with lots of other things, socialism has got to go.  Check out these three plans to help bring Jobs back to America:  

Plan 1 Replace Congress and Lower Taxes 

One way to create a solution that would work would be for the Senate to choose not to ever pass the business-killing Cap and Trade Bill. So far it is not on the horizon. That is a good start.  Another would be to really not spend the $trillion dollars on Obamacare.  More than likely both of these cannot happen until there is a new 115th Congress because the current Congress is not the solution. It is the problem. 

The 2016 elections are right around the corner.  Some primary elections such as ours in District 17 in Pennsylvania offer the opportunity to remove an incumbent even before the November general election.  Those Pennsylvanians who want to assure the same rats do not get back to Washington, should vote out the incumbent, Matt Cartwright.  Don't just blame Nancy Pelosi. Matt Cartwright is one of her boys and he brought a bankrupt California set of ethics to the Congress this term, and it is time to say adios to Mr. Cartwright. Say it April 26th so the Congressman can use his huge campaign war-chest on his retirement. Vote Brian Kelly by writing me in.  

Across the country,  the whole House and 1/3 of the senate must go.  Unfortunately we can vote out just our own representatives.  Another one who must go is Pennsylvania's own pro-life Senator, Robert Casey but you have to wait until next election in 2018.  Send Casey packing as soon as you can.  Don't forget the king of prevarication. Hussein Obama. We can get rid of him and his spirit as long as we do not go for the liar and cheat Hillary, and the socialist (Bern). It is time for a guy like Ted Cruz for four years at least to help undue the stuff Obama did that we Democrats cannot stand. Hillary wants more and the Bern will male it even worse.

Ironically while he has dedened the Republican Congress, Obama himself has died a number of times over the past seven years. When he goes down again, let him lie.  He is like the Energizer Bunny with multiple lives and energy to spare.  Don't let him get into your mind.  Who knows what his next trick will be. 

If American sees the tricks as tricks we have a chance but if Americans see the tricks as Obama having had a change of heart or that the devil made him do it, we will all be hurting for a long time. The new 115th Congress is our only hope if and only if there are almost all replacement players.  We ( I am a replacement player) can then enact real jobs measures by lowering the taxes on the businesses that generate jobs.  The current strategy of increasing taxes is moving the country from recession towards a great depression. 

Start replacing our PA players on April 26. it will be good for Pennsylvania. it will be good for America. It will help us begin to give businesses hope so that tax relief and hiring is the next order of the day.   

Plan 2. Implement an Americans First Strategy
Assuming Congress is replaced, we have the opportunity to do some big things to create an environment that is good for business, good for workers, and good for America.   The lowering of taxes and perhaps some small business incubators will give at least 8 million companies reason to look forward and therefore have reasons to increase hiring. However, different measures need to be implemented for the largest American Corporations.  

Quite frankly, and this is why I am not a Republican, I would like to see American Corporations take an oath of allegiance to America.  This whole large company solution according to my plan begins by having America's Fortune 500 Corporations admit that they are American Corporations and that they are not global entities that merely play a little ball in America.  You'll see what I mean as we expand this essay with Plan 3. 

Plan 3. Other Areas in which Solutions are Proposed
Check out the next three essays as the following ideas are fleshed out and you will see there is reason for optimism.  The other areas that are examined in other essays in this Jobs Section of the BK for Congress site include the following

Please join us by reading the solutions proposed in each of these areas in the menu options on the site. To say the least, they are non standard.